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Construction Sector Resources Available for Far North Region

Two new resources on California’s construction workforce are available online for the Far North region. The Far North Center of Excellence (COE) was part of a team that released a labor market study that included a survey of construction sector employers and stakeholders.

Headline: New Study On Construction Worker Hiring Needs In Four Regions Of California

The Centers of Excellence for Labor Market Research have published a study examining employer hiring needs for construction workers in four regions of California—the Far North, Bay, Central Valley/Mother Lode, and South Central Coast.

Economic Update for the North/Far North region 

Economic analysis by the North/Far North Centers of Excellence shows the region, like much of the nation, is experiencing historically low unemployment. Despite concerns about a recession, regional data does not yet show signs of a cooling labor market or layoffs.

Far North COE Participates in Restorative Justice Summit

The Far North Center of Excellence (COE) presented an overview of regional workforce trends, including a summary of the subregion’s largest industries and fastest growing occupations, at the North/Far North Regional Restorative Justice Summit in April.

New Reports Highlight Workforce Needs In The Far North’s Forest Sector

In light of a recent report on the forest sector released by the North State Planning and Development Collective’s Center for Economic Development this spring, the Far North Center of Excellence (COE) has prepared several program endorsement reports analyzing forest sector employment to assist community college planning in the region.