Bay Area

The Bay Area is home to 28 community colleges in 12 counties spanning five economic subregions: North Bay, East Bay, Mid-Peninsula, Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz/Monterey.


Bay Region Releases Teacher Occupations Report Brief

In this 2022 report brief, 20 priority ECE/EDU (teacher) occupations are profiled. Data is presented on occupational demand, new job creation, hiring challenges, Covid-19 impacts and earnings outcomes for students. A full Teacher Occupations companion report is forthcoming.

Bay Region COE Hosts RERP Data Webinar

The Bay Region Center of Excellence (COE) hosted an “LMI Data Tools and Resources” webinar in April to assist Regional Equity and Recovery Partnerships (RERP) Grant applicants in preparing their applications.


John Carrese

Regional Director

(415) 267-6544

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