Inland Empire/Desert

The Inland Empire/Desert region is home to 12 community colleges in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.


Just Released: Inland Empire/Desert Regional Workforce Demand Assessment

To assist community colleges with strategic planning and program development, the Inland Empire/Desert Region Center of Excellence (COE) has released a workforce demand assessment highlighting high-quality job opportunitiesin the region.

Inland Empire/Desert Region COE Hosts Mapping Summit

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Inland Empire/Desert Region Career Education Map, an in-person Mapping Summit convened on July 14th in downtown Riverside to discuss this vital resource’s success and future possibilities, including how to sustainably develop the map and increase its value for a variety of audiences.


Michael Goss

Regional Director

(909) 652-7754

Paul Vaccher

Workforce Research Analyst

(909) 652-7757

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