Explore COE’s nine regions

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Bay Area

The Bay Area is home to 28 community colleges in 12 counties spanning five economic subregions: North Bay, East Bay, Mid-Peninsula, Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz/Monterey.

Central California

The Central Valley/Mother Lode region is home to 15 community colleges in 15 counties.

Far North

The Far North region is home to seven community colleges spanning 15 counties and encompasses the Northern Inland and Northern Coastal economic subregions.

Greater Sacramento

The Greater Sacramento region is home to eight community colleges in seven counties.

Inland Empire/Desert

The Inland Empire/Desert region is home to 12 community colleges in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles region is home to 19 community colleges. With more than 10 million residents, L.A. is the largest county in the nation.

Orange County

The Orange County region is home to nine community colleges and one adult education center.

San Diego/Imperial

The San Diego/Imperial region, also known as the southern border region of California, is home to 10 community colleges across San Diego and Imperial counties.

South Central Coast

The South Central Coast region is home to eight community colleges serving San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura and northern Los Angeles counties.