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COE Releases Supplemental Report for North/Far North Planning Process

To assist with the alignment of community college programs with workforce needs in the region, the North (Greater Sacramento) Center of Excellence (COE) has prepared an accompaniment report as part of the North/Far North Strong Workforce Program Strategic Plan. 

The report provides an assessment of labor market conditions and CE program trends, and can serve as a reference tool for strategic planning to inform program investments. The report was prepared in conjunction with the Far North COE.

It includes a comprehensive assessment of the region with a focus on the following areas:

  • Regional population and demographics
  • Industry sector and occupational employment trends and projections
  • Student enrollments and award trends
  • Strong Workforce Program student employment and award outcomes
  • Student demographics and outcomes by race/ethnicity and gender
  • Priority middle-skill occupations in major industry sectors 

Please find the report here.  Listen to an overview of the regional strategic plan analysis here.