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COE Teams Up to Offer Equitable Learning Microcredential

In collaboration with the San Diego/Imperial Regional Consortium, the San Diego/Imperial Center of Excellence (COE) is working to bring more professional development opportunities to the region.

New Report On Childcare Industry Workforce Needs

Since the start of the pandemic, San Diego County has lost nearly 2,000 childcare spots due to providers closing their doors. Childcare centers that remained open were confronted with decreased enrollment and difficulty in recruiting and retaining staff.

New Report: Teacher/Education Occupations in San Diego County

In light of a widely reported regional and statewide teacher shortage, the San Diego/Imperial Center of Excellence (COE) has released a report examining the labor market for educators employed across a variety of careers in San Diego County.

Take A Look: Sector Rankings And Town Hall Insights Shared In New Reports

To assist regional community colleges with strategic planning and program development, the San Diego/Imperial Center of Excellence has prepared reports for San Diego County and Imperial County that identify and rank 11 industry sectors.

San Diego-Imperial COE Welcomes the Strong Workforce Faculty Institute’s Second Cohort

To foster collaboration while encouraging data-based decision making, the San Diego-Imperial Center of Excellence (COE) celebrated the launch of the Strong Workforce Faculty Institute’s second cohort of participants in March.