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Take A Look: Subregional Overviews Dial Into Labor Market Needs

Two new reports by the Central Valley/Mother Lode Center of Excellence take a deep dive into the nuanced labor market needs of the region’s two major subregions. 

The North Central Valley/Northern Mother Lode (NCV/NML) Labor Market Overview and South Central Valley/Southern (SCV/SML) Mother Lode Labor Market Overview present nuanced data analysis on the 10 sectors contributing to the vitality of the region’s larger economy.

In the NCV/NML subregion, the 10 sectors are expected to offer nearly 39,000 job openings annually, while 66,407 job openings are projected for the SCV/SML subregion. 

In both regions, three sectors are anticipated to offer the most job openings—health, business and entrepreneurship, and energy, construction and utilities.

Similarly, both regions have the same three occupations with the greatest employment demand:

  • Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers
  • Office clerks, general
  • Teaching assistants, except postsecondary

The NCV/NML subregion’s  fourth most in-demand occupation is short-term substitute teachers whereas in the  SCV/SML subregion, the occupation is registered nurses.

The overviews also identify for each sector:

  • Top middle-skill occupations with the most annual openings in the region
  • Entry-level and median wages 
  • Top job titles, skills and certifications requested by employers in job postings 
  • Worker demographics in terms of reported race/ethnicity