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Statewide Analysis of Water and Wastewater Occupations Released

In partnership with industry representatives from the Water Energy Education Alliance (WEEA), the Orange County and San Diego/Imperial Centers of Excellence for Labor Market Research (COE) co-led a 15-month research project that has culminated in the release of a new report, California Workforce Needs in the Water/Wastewater Industry.

Get to Know OC COE's Newly-Hired Assistant Director, Jacob Poore

The OC COE created a brand-new position, Assistant Director, which was recently filled by its very own Mr. Jacob Poore, previously the OC COE’s Research Analyst. We sat down with Jacob to get to know him a bit and learn his thoughts about his new role.

OC COE shares findings on the changing workforce with region

The Orange County Center of Excellence (COE) team recently attended The Council for Community and Economic Research’s The Future: Communities, Data, and Work Summit held in Arlington, Virginia, and applied information gleaned from the summit to regional discussions examining the changing workforce.

OC COE Publishes Drone Technology Report With New Labor Market Information

The Orange County Center of Excellence (OC COE) has published an updated Drone Technology report with current labor market demand and wage data for Los Angeles and Orange counties, statewide postsecondary supply information, and a detailed job posting analysis for five major drone-related job families.

OC COE Refreshes Sector Analysis Project With New Labor Market Data

The Orange County Center of Excellence has refreshed the Orange County Sector Analysis Project (OCSAP) with current labor market demand, supply, and wage data that accounts for the rapid changes in the labor market after the COVID-19-induced economic recession.

New Report: Jobs For Recovery In Orange County

To help workers displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic find viable occupational opportunities, the Orange County Center of Excellence’s Jobs for Recovery report identifies in-demand, growing occupations that workers can enter after completing a career education training program at an OC community college.

Meet The Team Supporting The Orange County COE’s Evolution

The Orange County Center of Excellence (OC COE) is undergoing an exciting evolution. For the past six months, Mr. Jacob Poore has served as acting interim director while Dr. Jesse Crete stepped into the role of interim Orange County regional director for the Los Angeles/Orange County Regional Consortium.

New Report: Impacts Of COVID-19 On Retail, Hospitality & Tourism

To better understand the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the local labor market, the Orange County Center of Excellence has published a report that analyzes the effects of the pandemic on employment in the Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism (RHT) sector in Orange County.