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Now Available: Program-Level Data Presented In Sector Profile Reports

The Central Valley/Mother Lode Center of Excellence has released a comprehensive document detailing career education program-level data for 10 sectors in the region.

Entitled Sector Profile Reports, the booklet examines many facets of the region’s education and training ecosystem, including:

  • An inventory of programs and awards offered by community colleges in the region 
  • The types of awards that are offered by college, such as certificates, degrees, and noncredit awards
  • Community college supply (awards) and how those numbers compare with employment demand
  • A comparison of Strong Workforce Program (SWP) metrics between the region and state
  • Detailed data analysis on student and workforce demographics

A summary at the beginning of each sector section highlights labor market pinch points stemming from the pandemic, state policy changes, technological innovations (such as the accelerated adoption of automation and artificial intelligence), and other economic drivers.