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North/Far North COE Presents At Forestry Management Advisory Meeting

Ebony J. Benzing, the North/Far North Center of Excellence’s research manager, presented an up-to-date assessment on the region’s forestry and natural resources workforce on April 28 at the Forestry Management Regional Industry Advisory Meeting hosted by Valley Vision.

The analysis revealed more than 2,100 annual job openings for professional, management, technician, and specialty jobs in forestry and natural resources across the North/Far North region. Certain job roles were in higher demand in each of the subregions. 

Professional roles—those that provide key decision-making on the design and implementation of forestry and natural resource projects and programs—were particularly prevalent in the Greater Sacramento (North) subregion. Professional roles include occupations such as foresters, conservation scientists, and hydrologists. More than 400 annual job openings are expected for forestry and natural resource professional jobs in Greater Sacramento through 2025.

Technician job roles had the most demand in the Far North. Technicians provide technical work in the sector and are supervised by management or professional staff, and include jobs for biological technicians, environmental engineering technologists, and forest and conservation workers. There are nearly 400 annual job openings for forestry and natural resource technicians in the Far North through 2025.

The advisory meeting also featured presentations from industry researchers, including CSU Chico’s Center of Economic Development California’s Forest Sector Workforce Needs Survey, and an employer panel comprised of Forestry professionals from Cal Fire, U.S. Forest Service, Sierra Pacific Industries,  Beale Mountain Forestry, and Mountain Enterprises. 

Download the full COE “Forestry and Natural Resources” presentation here.

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