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New Report: Teacher/Education Occupations in San Diego County

In light of a widely reported regional and statewide teacher shortage, the San Diego/Imperial Center of Excellence (COE) has released a report examining the labor market for educators employed across a variety of careers in San Diego County.

The study also provides information about wages, skills, and training programs for these occupations. Analysis of postsecondary supply was conducted to assist area community colleges with program development and strategic planning.

The report analyzes 21 teacher/education occupations that fall within five categories:

  1. Preschool/Childcare
  2. Primary School
  3. Secondary School
  4. Postsecondary Education
  5. Other Education

Additionally, the San Diego/Imperial COE hosted a webinar on teacher/education occupations in San Diego County on July 1 which featured highlights from the report on employer demand, educational supply, and top employers in San Diego County.