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New Report Identifies Top Certifications And Licenses In San Diego County

 Given the increasing importance of certifications and licenses in today’s job market, the San Diego/Imperial Center of Excellence (COE) has released a study identifying the top certifications/licenses requested by employers in San Diego County. 

The San Diego/Imperial COE examined certification and licensing trends in job postings from 2011 to 2020 and developed the “Certifications & Licenses Report” to encourage discussions across the region.

A notable study finding is that demand for several certifications and licenses grew during the pandemic, including security guard licenses, contractor’s licenses, and cash handling certifications.

Over the last decade, more and more job seekers have been earning certifications/licenses to distinguish themselves in the job market. This is partly because certifications and licenses can serve as evidence of a candidate’s baseline skills or mastery of specific skills to perform a job. In other cases, certifications/licenses can be a requirement for attainment of a job or advancement in a career.