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New Report: 2022 Inland Empire/Desert High-Quality Occupations

The 2022 High-Quality Occupations in the Inland Empire/Desert Region report is now available. This year’s release categorizes high-quality occupations that are in demand and pay high wages by priority and emerging sector and includes typical entry-level education requirements.

Cover for the 2022 Inland Empire/Desert High-Quality Occupations report.

Why should we focus on high-quality occupations?

Providing avenues to high-quality occupational opportunities allows residents who live and work in Riverside and San Bernardino counties to access promising careers while contributing to the economic prosperity of the two-county region. 

In the report, in-demand occupations are those with 100 or more annual job openings, and high-wage occupations are those that offer median earnings at or above $24.36 per hour, or $51,452 annually.

There will be 100+ high-quality occupations annual job openings, with a median wage of $24.36+ per hour or $51,452 annually.

The Inland Empire/Desert Region has 87 occupations requiring educational attainment ranging from high school to a bachelor’s degree that meet the high-quality criteria. An additional 111 occupations meet at least the in-demand or high-wage criteria.

The Inland Empire/Desert Region Center of Excellence (COE) has generated detailed reports on many of the high-quality occupations listed in the report. Click here to access reports. Click here for our Career Education Map.