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New Labor Market Studies From The Greater Sacramento COE

Across the state, the Centers of Excellence regularly provide labor market information to community colleges to assist decision-making for launching new or expanding existing programs. 

In recent months, notable labor market reports (program endorsements) completed by the Greater Sacramento COE include:

  • Business Management. While job openings are plentiful for administrative management occupations, job growth is projected to remain stable or unchanged through 2025. 
  • Drafting Technology. Between 2020 and 2025, drafting occupations will have 125 annual openings across the Greater Sacramento area. 
  • Multimedia Storytelling. Job growth for digital journalism is concentrated among production and broadcasting occupations, which are projected to add 67 new jobs in the region by 2025. 
  • Tax Studies. Wage data shows that tax preparers, on average, earn $9 more than the regional living wage of $13.18 per hour. 

The Greater Sacramento COE provides many other types of reports including a quarterly economic update with regional industry and unemployment data, regional environmental scans, special topics on workforce trends and technology, and industry sector profiles. 

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