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Meet Verify Viper: New Online Tool Highlights In-Demand Credentials

The logo for Verify Viper: a green illustrated snake in the shape of a V

Verify Viper is a new online tool that was created with input from the Centers of Excellence and offers free actionable information that community college educators can use to optimize curriculum, programs, and career pathways to meet the demands of a rapidly shifting job market.

Did you know that credentials are playing an increasingly important role in hiring decisions? Employers are using credentials to screen applicants for interviews, determine pay scale, and corroborate whether a job seeker’s skillsets match industry standards. Verify Viper clarifies the credentials that can help students get a leg up in the job market. 

The tool identifies which credentials translate to higher pay for job seekers, and which are most popular with employers; how in-demand credentials vary nationally and regionally in California; and the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) linked to specific occupations.

Community college educators can use the tool to:

  • Apply data insights to career pathway planning and curriculum development by validating the soft and hard skills needed for job seekers 
  • Help students and displaced workers considering career changes identify the jobs that are well suited for their skill sets
  • Incentivize students to earn short-term credentials by showing them evidence that specific credentials will lead to high-growth, high-paying jobs
  • Mine valuable information that can strengthen Perkins V applications and reporting

Check out Verify Viper here.