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Meet The Team Supporting The Orange County COE’s Evolution

The Orange County Center of Excellence (OC COE) is undergoing an exciting evolution. For the past six months, Mr. Jacob Poore has served as acting interim director while Dr. Jesse Crete stepped into the role of interim Orange County regional director for the Los Angeles/Orange County Regional Consortium. 

While in his role as interim director, Jacob added Mr. Nickolas Emilio as a short-term substitute research analyst to assist with the completion and release of several major projects:

Jacob also oversaw the Orange County Sector Analysis Project Refresh which will be published soon.

Now that Jesse has returned from her interim assignment, she and Jacob are working together to strategize how the OC COE can serve the region even more effectively. This includes adding to their team, better integrating their planned work with regional goals, and strategically working alongside the newly formed Orange County Regional Consortium which is the supervisory umbrella that the OC COE sits under at Rancho Santiago Community College District

Jesse and Jacob hope you will join them in the excitement for the upcoming year and next evolution of the OC COE.