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Introducing News Updates From The South Central Coast COE

The South Central Coast Center of Excellence (COE) provides objective labor market analysis for eight community colleges in four counties—San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and northern Los Angeles. 

This research supports program development efforts and workforce partnerships undertaken by community colleges in the region.

The South Central Coast Region consists of three distinct microregions, each with its own unique set of industry concentrations and labor force needs. 

In recent months, notable projects completed by the South Central Coast COE include:

  • An occupational analysis of pandemic resilient jobs that identifies the most in-demand middle-skill occupations during the pandemic
  • An analysis of the five recovery economies that examines occupations critical to the post-pandemic labor market, as defined by Burning Glass Technologies in its report “After the Storm: The Jobs and Skills that will Drive the Post-Pandemic Recovery
  • Microregional analysis of the Five Recovery Economies provided for San Luis Obispo County/Santa Barbara County, northern Los Angeles County, and Ventura County

In addition to working closely with area community colleges, the South Central Coast COE participates in collaborative partnerships with local workforce development boards, K-12 school districts, and others.

The South Central Coast COE is housed at Moorpark College and hosted by the Ventura County Community College District

Community colleges served by the South Central Coast COE include: Allan Hancock College, Antelope Valley College, Cuesta College, College of the Canyons, Oxnard College, Moorpark College, Santa Barbara City College, and Ventura College