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Inland Empire/Desert COE Releases Subregional Workforce Demand Assessments

The Inland Empire/Desert Center of Excellence (COE) is excited to announce a new series of Subregional Workforce Demand Assessments. 

Subregional analysis provides greater insight into the economic strengths of the communities in the Inland Empire/Desert region while also illuminating areas for program development to meet workforce demand.

Each subregional report details opportunities for career education (CE) investment leading to high-quality jobs, which are defined as jobs that are in demand and offer self-sustainable median earnings of at least $21.82 per hour. Other topics, such as population demographics and industry activity specific to each subregion, are covered in the reports. 

The COE is gearing up for workshops to present this series’ findings and kickstart conversations about high-quality jobs that may be addressed by CE training. We encourage all Inland Empire/Desert educators, workforce developers, stakeholders, and business leaders to join the conversation.

The four Inland Empire/Desert subregional reports are available on the Center of Excellence website: 

  1. Inland Empire-Riverside County Metro (Subregion is Green in map.)
  2. High Desert (Blue)
  3. Inland Empire-San Bernardino County Metro (Yellow)
  4. Low Desert (Red)