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Bay Region COE Trains K12 Pathway Coordinators On Labor Market Information

The Bay Region Center of Excellence has developed a series of six labor market information (LMI) trainings titled “Let’s Talk LMI” to train the region’s 18 K12 Pathway Coordinators.

K12 Pathway Coordinators support vital connections between K-12 schools and community colleges in order to strengthen career education (CE) programs and pathways that align with regional workforce needs. K12 Pathway Coordinators are assigned to each community college district’s service area, to work with the community colleges and K-12 local educational agencies (LEAs).

The trainings are intended to provide a comprehensive overview of LMI, including LMI concepts and terminology as well as data tools and resources available to assist pathway coordinators with career pathway program development. “Office Hours” are also held after each training to answer questions and support pathway coordinators as they practice using LMI data tools and resources covered during the training sessions.

Four of the six training sessions have been delivered and pathway coordinators are already applying their LMI skills and knowledge in their regional work.