The Far North Center of Excellence (COE) delivered a presentation to K-14 CTE administrators, counselors, and faculty at the North/Far North Career Compass Summit, providing an insightful overview of the subregion’s labor market. The presentation aimed to equip K-14 CTE administrators, counselors, and faculty with essential knowledge about LMI and regional COE resources to navigate and address regional labor market needs.

The presentation began with a comprehensive overview of the Far North labor market, highlighting key trends, emerging industries, and employment opportunities within the region. Emphasizing the importance of understanding local labor dynamics, the COE underscored the need for data-driven decision-making in developing and refining educational and training programs.

A significant portion of the presentation was dedicated to defining labor market information (LMI). The COE showed how LMI encompasses a wide range of data and information, including employment statistics, occupational growth projections, wage data, and skill requirements. This information is crucial for identifying current and future labor market demands and ensuring that educational programs align with these needs.

The Far North COE shared how it utilizes LMI to inform its work, highlighting several key areas:

  • Program Development: By analyzing LMI, the COE helps colleges to develop programs that are responsive to labor market needs, ensuring that students acquire the skills required by local employers.
  • Economic Analysis: LMI enables the COE to conduct thorough economic analyses, identifying sectors with the highest growth potential and informing strategic investments in education and training.
  • Policy Advocacy: The COE uses LMI to support higher education advocates design policies that support workforce development and align educational outcomes with labor market requirements.

The presentation also showcased a variety of regional COE resources available to career counselors, teachers, faculty, and other professionals:

  • Labor Market Assessments: On-demand reports provide detailed analyses of regional labor market trends, helping educators and counselors stay informed about the latest developments.
  • Workforce Studies and Data Tools: In-depth workforce studies and helpful online data tools offer user-friendly access to LMI, allowing professionals to explore data and emerging topics.
  • Professional Development: The COE offers training sessions and workshops to help educators and counselors integrate LMI into their practice, enhancing their ability to guide students and job seekers effectively.

The Far North COE’s presentation at the North/Far North Career Compass Summit was well-received, providing valuable insights and practical tools to support the region’s workforce development efforts. By leveraging LMI and COE resources, professionals across the Far North can better prepare students and job seekers for successful careers in a dynamic and evolving labor market. For more information about the Far North COE and its resources, visit

Sara Phillips, Director