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Bay Region COE Hosts RERP Data Webinar

The Bay Region Center of Excellence (COE) hosted an “LMI Data Tools and Resources” webinar in April to assist Regional Equity and Recovery Partnerships (RERP) Grant applicants in preparing their applications.

 Webinar participants learned how to:

  • Retrieve occupational demand data by region/subregion/county, industry sector, and education or skill level
  • Find data on the “supply” of students enrolled in community college programs in the region
  • Access COE data tools and resources to help document the need for a RERP projec

RERP Grants are funded by the California Workforce Development Board and the Labor and Workforce Development Agency. To be eligible, a partnership between a local workforce development board and a community college is required. 

The grant program aims to accelerate and deepen regional plan implementation efforts. The program will support and invest in partnerships that add “high road” approaches to existing sector strategies and career pathway programs. “High road” approaches represent a set of economic and workforce development strategies to achieve economic growth, economic equity, shared prosperity, and a clean environment. 

Applications were submitted by four of the five subregions in the Bay Region: North Bay, East Bay, Mid-Peninsula, and Santa Cruz-Monterey.